Welcome Fellow Genealogy Enthusiasts!

NewEnglandGravestonePhotos.com (NEGP.com) is here to help you obtain digital photos of your ancestors' gravestones. We realize that there are people all over the world who may be unable to travel to their ancestors' resting places in the New England region.

We decided to start this service because we love to explore new places and strangely enough, cemeteries of New England. The area is already so rich in history. We love driving around and seeing small, older, family cemeteries. We also enjoy walking around some of the newer, larger, and more recent cemeteries, and seeing some of the beautiful gravestones that are being used today.

We are currently working very hard to get photos and information for our own Genealogy Collection and Family Tree. We thought that this service may be of some use to other genealogy buffs who are working hard to do the same, but may not have the time to travel. While a great deal of New England cemeteries have been photographed and cataloged online, there are thousands of cemeteries that have not been filed to date, and photographic information is hard to come by.

Please take a look and hopefully we will be working together soon!

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