Information Needed From You

The key to making this partnership a success is that you should already be certain that the ancestor you are referring to in your quote is buried in the cemetery of your request. 

We will need the physical address and the name of the cemetery or G.P.S. coordinates if you have them. If the cemetery does not have an actual address, a call to the local town hall or historical society should help you find the details regarding the location of a cemetery. If the cemetery is larger and contains actual named roads within it, we will need the names of the closest intersecting roads or the section the gravestone is located in. Of course, we will need to know the town and state as well.

We will need the full name of the person whose stone you would like photos of and any known birth dates and dates of death so that we can locate the correct stone.

As in a lot of cases with genealogical research, you may only have partial information. Please let us know via email what information you do have so we can assess whether we will actually be able to locate the stone and cemetery you are looking for. We would hate to get to a cemetery and not be able to find your requested gravestone. We will always do our absolute best for you as we know what a thrill it can be when you make a new genealogical breakthrough!