Our service will provide you with numerous digital photos of the requested gravestone from multiple angles, as well as additional close ups of the stone. We want to make sure your photos tell you the information you are looking for. If gravestones are a great deal older and worn down, we include a chalk rubbing kit to help make the engravings more legible. There is some debate in certain genealogical circles that chalk rubbings may contribute to the wearing down of older stones. We assure you, however, that we only utilize this method when necessary and that we are particularly gentle when we administer the chalk. We have the utmost respect for every gravestone as each is an everlasting memoir of a person's life.

We will also record all of the information on the gravestone and email you the transcription. We will take additional photos of the surrounding areas of the gravestone for future recognition of the cemetery in case you are able to make it to the location someday. We will also take photos of any signs or plaques with the cemetery name.

In most cases, we also try to learn the history of the cemetery we are going to per your request.  Local town stories about cemeteries can add a great deal of depth and personality to genealogical records. We feel that the "little things" can help make genealogy research even more thrilling!

With technology improving so quickly these days, we will also b
e able to provide you with the G.P.S. coordinates for each requested gravestone to include in your collection.