While we would love provide this service to you at no charge, the costs associated with travel are substantial. Genealogy is a passion of ours and we understand that it can get pricey. We promise to provide you with the most detailed digital photos and information possible. We would not expect anything less for our own research and we want to provide you with the same level of quality.  We are quite meticulous here at NEGP.com.

Please note, as stated in "Area / States Covered," we are based out of Quincy, Massachusetts. All searches will start at this location. We use MapQuest.com for mileage calculations to cemeteries, as well as timeframes for hourly rates. We will be happy to email you the starting and ending addresses we will use so that you are able to confirm mileage and travel time on your own if you prefer.

Quotes are based on the fee of the standard .48 cents per mile, round trip used in most major businesses and corporations to date for cost of gas and wear and tear on a vehicle. There is also a charge of $15.00 per hour for the service. Again, this timeframe is based on the travel time quoted by MapQuest.com.

A thirty minute charge ($7.50) is also required for time spent in the actual cemetery locating and taking photos of your requested gravestone(s). We refer to this as "Cemetery Time."


.48 cents per mile (mileage based on MapQuest round trip).

$15.00 per hour service charge based on the travel time provided by MapQuest.com (travel time is based on round trip time and rounded to the nearest half hour).

Requests fewer than 20 miles round trip have a minimum $10.00 flat fee and a minimum 1 hour $15.00 fee as well as the thirty minute ($7.50) Cemetery Time charge.

Toll Charges - We should be able to tell you the total toll charges in advance after we plan out the route to the state and cemetery that we are traveling to. We will include this information in our quote back to you. We will also be happy to provide you with any receipts for tolls if you would like them. We can scan copies and have them emailed to you.

* DISCLAIMER - Please note that with this service, there may be times when grave stones are so old, worn, or damaged that the name of the deceased may not be legible.  There could also be times when a gravestone may even be missing. We will do our very best to document these instances for you if possible and provide what photos we can to show the detail of our "best guess" as to which stone may be your ancestor's. Usually this scenario comes into play with much older and smaller family cemeteries so we may be able to photograph more than one stone to provide you with a possible match.