About Us

NewEnglandGravestonePhotos.com became a realization for us when Joanna traveled from Boston to Oklahoma to visit numerous cemeteries where her ancestors are buried, going back as far as her great, great, great grandparents. It was very expensive for Joanna to travel there in person just to obtain actual photographs, although she was thrilled to see her ancestors' gravestones for herself. This trip was a few years ago and she has not had the opportunity to travel to other locations in the mid-west, where more of her ancestors are buried.  She then took to the internet and discovered that a person had cataloged a cemetery where her great grandfather was buried.  Although photos of numerous other gravestones in that cemetery were available, there were none of her great grandfather's stone. Joanna knew for sure that her great grandfather was buried there, so she contacted the person who did the actual cataloging and hired her to drive out to the cemetery and snap the photos.

Since then, she has not had the same amount of luck with contacting other people who offer this service, so she thought she would start NEGP.com for fellow genealogy buffs who may be interested in adding to their own Virtual Cemeteries. What better area of the country to offer this service than New England, an area so rich in history. Many of today's American families originated on the east coast!

Our Offices are located at:

33 Park Street

Quincy, MA  02170

Phone: 617-773-1193

Questions, comments, and feedback are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email Shawn at shawn@newenglandgravestonephotos.com with any thoughts or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!